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Re-Insulation for Existing Homes What is "Flash and Blow"?

"Flash and Blow" is the application of a thin (usually 1") layer (FLASH) of NO Heat Spray Foam to seal the thermal envelope and then BLOWn-in insulation to complete the solution. This is a highly cost-effective way to maximize the clients ROI (Return On Investment) using the very best technologies on the market.

  • "Flash and Blow" provides an air barrier and vapor retarder to control the diffusive transport of water vapor along with lower cost R-value insulation
  • 1" ccfoam is an air barrier at 1" and a Class II vapor retarder with 2" of ccfoam.
Applegate® Spray Foam is the perfect solution.

Our Room Temperature Foam (RTF) System is the very latest in Spray Foam Technology and optimizes the cost for both the Insulation Contractor and Consumer.

Sold in "sets" in 10 gallons each, this product is perfect for the vast majority of retrofit spray foam upgrades consumers are looking for in this tough economy.

Applegate Spray Foam Insulation Advantages

  • Reduces Energy Consumption
  • Controls Air Infiltration
  • Vapor Retarder
  • Controls Moisture Infiltration
  • Structural Properties
  • High R Value per inch
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Zero Ozone Depleting and No Formaldehyde
  • Good Sound Barrier/Noise Reduction’
  • Ease of Application
Market Potential
Consumer demand to cut energy bills is growing at an accelerated rate.

Applegate® Spray Foam is specifically designed to meet the growing need with entry-level spray systems that provide rapid, cost-effective upgrade opportunities for both the consumer and Insulation Contractor.

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How big is the potential end-user market?

More small project business than current SPF applicators can even handle in the next 20 years!
Room Temp Foam being applied above a garage in the attic
Cost Performance

Applegate® RTF
Spray Foam System
Froth Kits
 Froth Kit 200Froth Kit 600Applegate Spray Foam (Closed Cell) 5-gal Pail Set
Weight A + B kit (lbs)41 lbs.118 lbs.90 lbs.
Average $ per kit$ 491.67$ 929.00$ 389.00
Typical Yield in Board Feet170510450
$ per Board Feet$ 2.89$ 1.82$ 0.86
Foam Costs of small attic
and rim joist project

(836 board ft * cost/bd ft)
$ 2,417.86$ 1,521.52$ 718.96
Material Costs for 10 sets
(TEN small projects*)
$ 4,916.00$ 9,290.00$ 3,890.00
Material Costs SAVINGS with Applegate Spray Foam verses Froth Packs$ 1,026.00
(26% savings)
$ 5,400.00
(72% savings)
Per The Dow Chemical Company for Froth Kits: The theoretical yield has become an industry standard for identifying certain sizes of two-component kits. Figures are from ideal test lab conditions for temperature, humidity, and surface conditions, etc. Typical yield is averaged at 85% of stated theoretical yield.

*Small project home is using a 725 sq ft home. Attic area 33 ft x 22 ft = 726 sq ft, coverage to apply 1" monolithic coating of foam PLUS Rim Joist coverage of 110 bd. ft. (perimeter of home 22+33+22+33 = 110), therefore 726 bd. ft. + 110 bd. ft. = 836 bd. ft.
More Features and Benefits
Lower cost of entry for insulation contractor
  • Expands spray foam market with new channel
  • Global 'small vehicle transport' solution
  • Unit weight less than 96 lbs. (<44 kg)
  • A & B sides provided in spill-proof 5 gallon pails
Ease of Use
  • Simple interlock controls for on-ratio performance
Dedicated system for large market niche
  • E-8p will not compromise current product family
  • "Green Job" solution for home energy marketplace
Room Temp Foam being applied to rim joists in the basement
Applegate® RTF Spray Foam Specs
 RTF Closed CellRTF Open Cell
PropertyTest MethodResultsTest MethodResults
DensityASTM D-16222.0 pcfASTM D-16220.5 pcf
Compressive strength, parallelASTM D-162128 psiASTM D-16210.95 psi
R-value, agedASTM C-5186.8/inchASTM C-5183.9/inch
Tensile StrengthASTM D-162335 psiASTM D-16233.35 psi
Cell ContentASTM D-1940<94%ASTM D-1940>97%
Dimensional stabilityASTM D-2126<0.03%ASTM D-2126<3.8%
Moisture (Perm/Inch)ASTM E-96<1.98 permASTM E-968.4 perm/inch @3.5 in
Flame SpreadASTM E-84<25 (Class 1)ASTM E-84<15 (Class 1)
Smoke DevelopedASTM E-84<450 (Class 1)ASTM E-84<200 (Class 1)
Air PermeanceASTM E-960.75 perm @ 2 in.ASTM E-960.001 cfm / ft² @ 1 in.
Sound Transmission Coefficient  ASTM E-9050 (STC)
Noise Reduction Coefficient  ASTM C-4230.10
Spray Foam Documentation
This Document Section contains every thing you need for Applegate Spray Foam
Document TypeDescriptionRevision Date
500 Open Cell Tech Sheet - 3 pages2018
2.0 Closed Cell Tech Sheet - 3 pages2018
SDS 2.0 Closed Cell - 14 pages2016
SDS 500 Open Cell - 13 pages2016
Applegate® Spray Foam - Product Info - 2 pages2016

Financing for you and your customers

Applegate Offers best-in-class Financing for Insulation Contractors and Homeowners
We have financing available to help you in purchasing your equipment and foam so that you can get started now, so you won't lose out on this profitable market this winter.

We also have financing to offer your homeowner customers, even 12-months, no payments, same as cash. You really need to offer your customers a financing plan if you are going to be successful in the retrofit insulation market.

We have that plan for you; a plan with many options that will fit all customers.

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