Commercial Injection Foam Insulation | Cost Effective | Fire Rated

This demonstration wall provides a true and accurate account of the precision results you will receive during installation. Applegate's pre-expanded C-Foam will not damage or stain CMU Walls.
Injection Foam (C-Foam) C-Foam Injection Foam Insulation for Masonry Walls

Applegate C-Foam Insulation is your cost effective answer for insulating Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) walls. (C-Foam has proven to cost less to install than Rigid Foam Insulation Board.)

C-Foam allows buildings to be completed faster by using a high-speed installation technology which uses compressed air to ensure that the insulation flows throughout the wall unit filling voids and otherwise difficult to insulate spaces.

Mixed on site using a 2-part system that combines a unique spray-dried polymeric resin with a foaming catalyst ensures the highest quality pre expanded foam available on the market today.
C-Foam Installation
  • Can be installed two ways:
    • Injected into Top of Block; No drilling
    • Side-fill injection through 5/8" Holes
  • Can be completed as soon as block is layed
  • Does not interfere with other construction schedules
  • Does not damage walls
  • Clean, Quick application
  • Easy Clean up
Where can C-Foam be used?
  • Strip Malls
  • Box Stores
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Fire Houses
  • Foundations for New Homes
Anyplace New CMU is being Built
C-Foam is Building Green
Applegate C-Foam is made from environmentally safe nitrogen-based organic polymers.

Our C-Foam Insulation is non-toxic and contains no petrochemicals, CFC's or harmful solvents.
C-Foam is Class A Rated
C-Foam is a Class A building material that meets or exceeds all testing requirements of current building standards.

If you need more information on testing please contact us today!
C-Foam is Highly Effective
R-Value per inch:
4.92/inch @ 25°F mean temperature

R-Value of 8" CMU Wall:
9.0-10.0 Injected into 100lbs/ft³ block

R-Value of 12" CMU Wall:
12.0-13.0 Injected into 100lbs/ft³ block

Applegate's pre-expanded C-Foam will not damage or stain CMU Walls.
Let's compare Applegate C-Foam Insulation with our competitors

Fire RatingClass IClass II (B)1Class IClass IClass I
Flame Spread25 or less75 or less25 or less25 or less25 or less
Smoke Developed Index450 or less450 or less450 or less450 or less450 or less
Low Formaldehyde Content (less than 0.25%)YesNoNoNo?
R-Value of Foam4.9/inch @ 25° F4.6/inch @ 25° F4.9/inch @ 35° F4.7/inch @ 35° F4.8/inch @ 35° F
Acoustic PropertiesSTC 53-56 in 8" CMUSTC 52 in 8" CMUSTC 53 in 8" CMUSTC 52 in 8" CMUSTC 53 in 8" CMU
Shrinkage in CMU WallLess than 0.5%Less than 2.0%Less than 1.0%Less than 1.86%0.5% to 1.5%
1 - ICC-ES Legacy Report 2319, 4.2 Surface Burning Characteristics, @ 2.4" Thick

C-Foam Documentation
This Document Section contains every thing you need for Applegate C-Foam
Document TypeDescription (MSDS sheets at bottom)Revision Date
Applegate® C Foam Insulation - Foundation Wall Application - 1 page2009
Applegate® C Foam Insulation - Information Sheet - 1 page2009
Applegate® C Foam Insulation - Fact Sheet
(Thermal Resistance Values for CMU Walls) - 1 page
Applegate® C Foam Insulation - Technical Bulletin
(Foam vs Rigid Board) - 1 page
Applegate® C Foam Insulation - Product Info
Residential Foundations & Basement Walls
(Helps meet new code requirements for Conditioned Crawl Spaces) - 2 pages
Applegate® C Foam Insulation - Technical Bulletin II
C Foam vs Polystyrene Foam Inserts - 1 page
Applegate® C Foam Insulation - Specification Guide - AIA Short Form - 2 pages2009
Applegate® C Foam Insulation - Test Results - 1 page2009
Applegate® C Foam Insulation - Comparison Guide - 4 pages2009
Applegate® C Foam Insulation - Yields - 1 page2009
 Instructional Sheets (cheat sheets) 
INSTRUCTIONS - Applegate C-Foam Mixing Instructions - 3 pages2009
INSTRUCTIONS - Make One Set of Resin - 2 pages2009
INSTRUCTIONS - Make Catalyst - 1 page2009
INSTRUCTIONS - Make Foam - 2 pages2009
INSTRUCTIONS - DAILY - Clean Pumps and Hoses - 2 pages2009
INSTRUCTIONS - DAILY - Cleaning the Gun - 1 page2009
INSTRUCTIONS - DAILY - Clean Resin Pump Only - 2 pages2009
INSTRUCTIONS - Maintenance Schedule - 1 page2009
 MSDS Sheets 
MSDS Applegate® C Foam - 3 pages2009
MSDS Applegate® C Resin - 3 pages2009
MSDS Applegate® C Catalyst - 4 pages2009

Financing for you and your customers

Applegate Offers best-in-class Financing for Insulation Contractors and Homeowners
We have financing available to help you in purchasing your equipment and foam so that you can get started now, so you won't lose out on this profitable market this winter.

We also have financing to offer your homeowner customers, even 12-months, no payments, same as cash. You really need to offer your customers a financing plan if you are going to be successful in the retrofit insulation market.

We have that plan for you; a plan with many options that will fit all customers.

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