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The Market is Huge The Department of Energy estimates at least 80 million existing homes need to be reinsulated. Filling the voids in the sidewalls of these homes will effectively lower the escape of heated or cooled air to the outside, and also the amount of unconditioned air from the outside to enter the home. Product Performance In comparison to competitive brands of injection foam, Applegate R-Foam has:
  • 30-40% higher resin content resulting in higher foam density
  • Lower water content, meaning less moisture in wall cavity
  • Formulated with chemical cross linkers, meaning less foam shrinkage
  • Contains 3 EPA Listed Antifungal Additives
  • Literature that complies with the FTC consent decree for residential insulation products
  • Product testing that meets code requirements (R-Foam does not use test results borrowed from other products)
  • Class 1 Fire Rating when tested at the code-mandated foam thickness of 4-inches nominal (3.5 inches actual)
 Injection Foam Forensics
Below are actual photographs showing Applegate R-Foam (First two pictures) and pictures of a competitor's (Last two pictures) retrofit product after an actual installation.

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Applegate R-Foam Insulation - is versatile. It can be used to re-insulate older homes that contain little or no insulation, even if the wall cavity is partially filled with old, ineffective insulation. Applegate R-Foam does what others cannot, flowing through empty space and across old material to fill the wall cavity. Applegate R-Foam can be injected into the wall cavity from either the interior or from the exterior of the home. It can even be installed behind existing brick.

R-Foam is biodegradable and excess foam is easily cleaned up and disposed of. R-Foam is a Class A building material and meets or exceeds all testing requirements of current building standards.

R-Foam foam solves the problem of drafty walls in poorly insulated homes. R-Foam is non-expanding injection foam that can be injected into walls of existing homes. It can be installed from the inside through the drywall or from the outside through the exterior siding or brick.

Let's compare Applegate R-Foam Insulation and a competitive retrofit product
Fire RatingClass I 1Unknown
Flame Spread10 1Not Tested 2
Smoke Developed Index95 1Not Tested 2
Formaldehyde Content in ResinLess than 0.25% 3Less than 0.25% 3
Formaldehyde Off-GassingBelow Detectable LimitBelow Detectable Limit
R-Value of Foam @ 75° F4.6/inch4.1/inch
R-Value in 2x4 Wall 4R-16R-14
Shrinkage, Based on Field ResultsTypically, less than 0.5%Typically, 2.0% or more
Product YieldTypically 3,700-3,800 board feet/drum set?
Water Vapor Transmission-ASTM E-9610.6 perms 5Not tested
Compressive Strength - ASTM E-16214.50 pounds per square inch 5Not Tested
Open Cell Content - ASTM D-284240% by volume 5?
1 - Commercial Testing Co., Report # 02-06199, ASTM e 84-01, @ 3.5" Thick.
2 - Results from r-501 product were applied to RetroFoam. R-501 achieves Class I (A) rating at 1-inch thickness.
      R-501 achieves Class II (B) rating at 2.4-inch thickness.

3 - Based on manufacturer's literature and lab analysis.
4 - Using shrinkage-adjusted R-values per FTC Rule 460
5 - Based on independent product testing.
Existing Home Applications
Easy as 1-2-3
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R-Foam Documentation
This Document Section contains every thing you need for Applegate R-Foam.
Document TypeDescription (MSDS sheets at bottom)Revision Date
Applegate® R Trailer Tech Support Contacts - 1 page2009
Applegate® R Foam Insulation a Superior Insulation - 4 pages2009
Applegate® R Foam Insulation Product Information Sheet - 1 page2009
Applegate® R Foam Insulation Fact Sheet - 1 page2009
Applegate® R Foam Insulation Test Results - 1 page2009
ASTM E-84-04 Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials and Foam-in-Place Insulation - 2 pages2009
Applegate® R Foam Insulation ASTM E-84-03b test results - 4 pages2005
 Instructional Sheets (cheat sheets) 
INSTRUCTIONS - Applegate R-Foam Mixing Instructions - 4 pages2009
INSTRUCTIONS - Applegate R-Foam Mixing Ratio's - 1 page2009
INSTRUCTIONS - Make One Set of Resin - 2 pages2009
INSTRUCTIONS - Make Catalyst - 1 page2009
INSTRUCTIONS - Make Foam - 2 pages2009
INSTRUCTIONS - DAILY - Clean Pumps and Hoses - 2 pages2009
INSTRUCTIONS - DAILY - Cleaning the Gun - 1 page2009
INSTRUCTIONS - DAILY - Clean Resin Pump Only - 2 pages2009
INSTRUCTIONS - Maintenance Schedule - 1 page2009
 MSDS Sheets 
MSDS Applegate® R Foam - 3 pages2009
MSDS Applegate® R Resin - 3 pages2009
MSDS Applegate® R Catalyst - 3 pages2009

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